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All - This is a group email, any replies are sent to all of the members of the group, not just the sender of the original note. In order to participate in the poll just hit the “Vote Now” link at the bottom of the Poll answers. There is no need to reply to the message, everyone gets the reply  which creates more unnecessary emails for everyone.

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Please do not “reply all” to these emails. 


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#2 works for me.
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A new poll has been created:

We are considering putting a reloading press (thanks to Bill Boggs) in the Range House. Bill has also agreed to give an instructional class on reloading for the members that are interested. We'd like to get a feel for the level of interest before going further with this.

1. I am very interested in having access to a reloading station in the Range House and would use it
2. I'd like to learn more about reloading and might use it in the Range House after I learned more about it
3. I already reload at home but think the class is a great idea and having a station in the Range House would be nice
4. I do not have any interest in reloading myself but don't mind if there is a reloading station in the Range House for those that want to use it
5. I do not have any interest in reloading myself and do not think that is something we should allow

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